CSR Leaders’ Circle 2016 – Sustainable Supply Chain Management in the Age of Digitalisation

Digitalisation and social media are revolutionizing our economy in many ways, yet their effects on the supply chains are not understood – companies’ knowledge on their supply chains is mostly limited to tier 1 suppliers. On the other hand new technologies offer help to overcome this challenge of lacking supply chain transparency and to build up more resilient and efficient supply chains.

Against this demanding background we hosted a CSR Leaders‘ Circle on „Sustainable Supply Chain Management in the Age of Digitalisation“ on the 8th November 2016 in Berlin. We would like to thank all participants once again for an inspiring day.

The following two questions guided us through the event:

  • How will digitalisation affect businesses in their supply chains?
  • How can digitalisation help to better manage supply chains?


An inspiring group of speakers has provided us with latest insights:

  • adidas AG – Marina Schurr
  • Achilles Group – Halvard Homme
  • Ferrero Trading Lux S.A. – Geza Toth
  • University of St. Gallen – Prof. Joerg Hofstetter
  • The World Bank – Daria Taglioni

A summary was sent to all participants. The presentations of this event are ready for download below. The presentations are password protected. Please contact Christina Schampel if you would like to get the password: christina.schampel@systain.com.